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San Diego Family Law Attorney

Attorney Brian Burkett only deals with Family Law cases in San Diego County. Family Law is a broad term for many different types of cases in the San Diego County Court’s Family Law Division. Attorney Burkett deals with many different types of family law cases. Some of the most common types of cases are divorce cases, child support cases, child custody cases, and paternity cases.


Divorce law is one of the most common types of family law cases, which deals with the separation of married individuals. In these types of cases, once the divorce petition is filed with the Court, each party needs to submit documentation about their incomes, their property, and disclose all assets to the Court in order for the Court to divide the assets equally. This step is a difficult task for people; hiring an experienced attorney can make a huge difference in your case. For more information on divorce law, click on the divorce section of the website linked below.

Child Custody

Child custody is another common type of family law, usually coupled with child support cases. In child custody cases, the Court decides the issues of legal custody, physical custody, and parenting arrangements. The Court primarily looks at who parents the child more, the living conditions of each household, and the ability of each parent to parent the child. These cases can be overwhelming to some, for the thought of losing custody of their child is difficult. Having an attorney to help get the most custody you can is invaluable. With such an emotional process, some people tend to make mistakes that could hurt their case. With custody of your children on the line, it’s important to do all you can to help your case. For more information on child custody law, click on the child custody section of the website linked below.

Child Support

Tied in with child custody in the family law court system is child support. In child support cases, the Court system decides how much money one parent must pay the other to support the child. This ensures the child has the resources available to them. The Court looks at how much each party earns, how much parenting time each parent has with child, and other financial factors to make their decision. Any party can ask for child support, as it depends on the time each parent has the child. Issues arise when the proper forms are not filled out or proper documentation is not given to the Court. For more information on child support law, click on the child support section of the website linked below.


Paternity cases are when two unmarried individuals share a child together and need child support or child custody orders. These family law cases help the father keep his rights to visitation with the child and affirm his duty to pay child support to ensure the wellbeing of the child. It also helps the mother establish custody and parenting time as well as to get child support. The Court in these cases has the interest of securing the best interest of the child, which is done through child support payments, visitation with the father, and other custody arrangements. Any party, not just the mother, can file a paternity action. For more information on paternity law, click on the paternity section of the website linked below.


The Law Office of Brian Burkett is conveniently and centrally located in the Mission Valley area of San Diego, right off of the 163 and 8 freeways. Easy access and plenty of free parking. Convenient hours. Our office handles Family Law, Divorce, and Child Custody cases at all of the San Diego County Courthouses: Downtown, Vista, El Cajon, and Chula Vista.

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I couldn’t have been happier with the service and price of Mr. Burkett. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.


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