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When faced with a new Family Law case, a big question that comes to mind is, “Why hire an attorney?”. For some people, their Family Law case may seem cut and dry. For example, two people might agree on all issues in a divorce case. To those people, hiring an attorney may seem like a waste. However, there are many reasons why you should hire an attorney, even in cases that seem simple.

The San Diego Court system is complex. There are many different types of hearings and paperwork, all with their own complex rules. Often, people who try to represent themselves in a divorce, child support, child custody, or paternity case end up forgetting a form. This delays the case, and in situations where orders are desperately needed, can be detrimental to one or both parties. For example, say you need child support orders made as soon as possible. After waiting months for the hearing, you finally get there, only for the Judge to tell you that a form was not submitted. The Judge then moves your case out another few months. If you need those orders now, then you’re out of luck.

An attorney has the legal expertise and knowledge to make sure that forms are not forgotten or filled out wrong. The case is handled properly, and things are done when they need to be. Most people do not understand the complexities of the legal system, so hiring an attorney ensures you won’t end up lost and confused.

Courtroom Knowledge

When in the Courtroom, there are certain rules and regulations in place that each party must abide by. The Judge only deals with whatever topic is brought to their attention when one party files a motion. Whatever is discussed in that motion is all the Judge can order upon. For example, if a motion is requested solely for child custody orders, the Judge will not discuss the sale of a community property vehicle. Often times, people without attorneys will go into a hearing and bring up all sorts of things that are not set to be heard. They sometimes speak out of turn, or act in a way that is not proper in the Courtroom. This usually angers Judges and distracts from the main issue at hand.

With a San Diego family law attorney in the Courtroom who has experience speaking to a Judge, there are fewer issues. They understand what the Judge can or cannot do and can work to make sure the orders requested are presented to the Judge in the best possible way. The matter is properly discussed and settled, removing the distractions brought up in the example above.


Emotions can run high in family law matters. Divorce and child custody disputes are never easy. A San Diego family law attorney can provide objective advice based on legal principles, not emotion. This aids you in making informed decisions that will not negatively hurt your case. Sometimes, those without an attorney will get into a dispute with the other party that hurts their case. If the other party has an attorney advising them, and the party without an attorney is not advised on how to approach the situation, things can go bad fast. It is crucial to hire an attorney to ensure the best outcome for your situation without the risks that come with representing yourself.


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